• Veneered panels

Veneered panels are panels which are covered with a layer of veneer, which is in turn covered with fade resistant lacquer.

  • Veneering

Veneer is a single-layer natural face veneer with thicknesses from 0.6 to 2.5 mm. Special order veneers can be up to 5 mm thick.

Natural veneers can be chosen from domestic trees – oak, ash, birch, pine etc., and also from really exclusive trees like Makassar Ebony, Wenge, Zebrano, Indian rosewood, different root veneers etc.

In addition to natural face veneers, alpi veneers are also common. Alpi veneers are imitated face veneers which are made from less valuable natural trees. Alpi production imitates exclusive trees and creates different face veneer patterns.

WallPanels OÜ offers veneering service to veneers chosen by the client.

You can get a closer overview of veneers from  www.asmass.ee   or   www.vaarispuu.ee

  • Lacquer

We are using a new high-quality lacquer from Germany, Variocryl, which is fade resistant and environmentally friendly.

Variocryl TM Wasserklarlack VC is the latest in the new generation of water-based lacquers. The lacquer excellently brings forth the surface texture of the wood, is of premium quality and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. The lacquer is completely fade resistant and therefore can be repainted with Variocryl TM Color VCC. Adding PUR Wasserlackhärter PWH 3200 to the lacquer significantly improves its toughness, so the lacquer is more scratch resistant, more resistant to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and endures toning and dirt better.