Installation conditions

  1. If the difference between outdoor temperature and room temperature is more than 10°C, then the product needs to be allowed to adapt to room temperature for 2-5 days, after which you can begin with opening the package and the installation.
  2. The product cannot be kept in sunlight before installation. Fading can cause differences in the shades of the panels.
  3. If humidity in the installation site is under 10% or over 45% and temperature is below 0°C or above 30°C then the manufacturer may not be held responsible for problems caused by the environment.
  4. During the installation of the panels the customer is obliged to follow the installation manual provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty conditions

Products  have a two-year warranty.

Warranty is based on the laws and building codes in force in the country.

The precondition of the warranty is following the installation and maintenance manual provided by the company.

Warranty period starts with handing the product over to the Customer and it is based on the invoice that proves the purchase, issued by Producer.


The warranty applies to:

  • Installation errors and inaccuracies caused by producer or the representative of the vendor
  • Changes in the product’s shape if the distortion of the product exceeds 2 mm per two meters.


The warranty does not apply to:

  • Defects caused by water, mould, chemicals or excessive humidity in rooms.
  • Characteristic properties of wood or veneer, such as changes in shade caused by UV, differences in wood or veneer grain, knots
  • Damages caused by exploitation, e.g. finishing wear.


Wallpanels system S-1 & S-10